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AlChestBreach, normally called Al by his fans, is a YouTuber known for his mod reviews and DLC playthroughs of the game Fallout: New Vegas. More recently, he has expanded his repertoire, and has done "Let's Play" videos of Fallout New Vegas, Fallout Dust, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto IV, Payday: The Heist, The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimSaints Row: The Third, Amnesia: The Dark Descent , Far Cry 3, The Walking DeadThe Sims 3, and was doing random DayZ adventures, which is currently cancelled. He has several series; Indie Sunday where he plays indie games; Misc. Monday where he plays a different random game every Monday, he occasionally lets fans choose a certain game title to be played every Monday until it's completed, or plays a game every Monday for a month; and Sims Saturday, or Sims with Al, where he plays The Sims 3 (now the Sims 4) which has gone from the regular Dugarts, to Bobby Vault, to Bobby Household.

Mannerisms[edit | edit source]

Al is known for getting easily distracted in reviews, sometimes shouting at NPCs for doing really annoying or stupid things, a good example being when he yelled at the character Willow for giving him explosives that killed Rex (Fallout New Vegas Mods: Willow Companion - Part 3) because they were more powerful than he thought they would be. Reviews will often be drastically sidetracked by long, meandering dialogues with his companions, during which he regularly attempts to keep them focused and professional for the review, or attends to their various neuroses. He will often attempt to engage enemies in conversation, and is inevitably dismayed when they react with violence. This is particularly notable with radroaches; his attempts to befriend them was a hallmark of his earlier videos, although the acquisition of Steve (see Companions) appears to have sated the majority of his desire for creepy crawly companionship.

Upon encountering any items that appear ordered or arranged neatly in any way, Al will almost invariably pick them up and throw them around at random, often remarking "that's where that goes" with evident satisfaction.

When scared, he always goes "ass first" into what he's scared of. This can be seen many times in his Fallout New Vegas Mods: Hell On Earth (Redux!) Series in every part.

When reading any text that appears in the course of a review, Al will usually narrate in an impression of the text's writer, although he rapidly stops following the actual text and begins to replace lines with tangentially related scenarios, which are usually gruesome or end with "it was horrible," before rejoining the thread of the text.

He often speaks in a replication of a humorous accent. His most commonly used accent is of an old person which he uses to represent viewers, telling about his past, and when reading notes the most. A pseudo-Italian accent is often assumed when speaking about his past or future. Although less frequently, a cartoon-like voice is used when he is narrating some characters in his productions. Others include feminine accents, children accents (higher pitched words and infrequent use of proper terminology), and an action movie narrator that he uses during some montages such as Fallout New Vegas Trailer Brahmin Hunter and Fallout New Vegas Trailer Overencumbered Man or during dramatic V.A.T.S moments. When using the Italian accent, he often says "Papa" to denote the beginning of a transition into the formerly stated child-like accent. When using the elderly accent, he often starts by saying "when I was your age" to indicate a coming story of odd mischief. 

He also seems to use the word "baby" quite a bit. For example, when doing a series of videos in which he reviewed five minor mods, he called them "baby mods." He also has a tendency to give generic NPCs (such as "Goodsprings Settler") names, using the surname "McGee" frequently. People, and occasionally inanimate objects, that annoy him are usually referred to as "hussies." Al appears to enjoy singing and bananas, and vocally savors whatever food he happens to be eating during the course of a review.

When reviewing mods, he puts them into categories by taking the number of mods in the review and adding "er" at the end. For example, when he had five mods to review in his Roswell video, he titled it Fallout New Vegas Mods: Fiver of Roswell. For every mod that has four or less mods, he will add "fer" at the end instead. For example, if the video showcases three mods, he will call it a "threefer." He occasionally will add "McDeefer" at the end when there are three mods making it a "Threefer McDeefer." He used to add "Queen Latifah" as well, making it a "Threefer McDeefer, call me Queen Latifah." However, the practice has seen an unexplained decline. The same mannerisms continue through "fivers," "sixers," and others through the extended addition of rhyming terminology. (i.e. "Fiver McDiver.")

Al has been known to consistently fumble over words and mispronounce things, an occurrence often followed by him saying that he "can't speak" or that he "doesn't know English." He has previously joked that he's recovering from a brain tumor, though this is obvious sarcasm. When he attempts to finish a sentence but fails, he sometimes makes choking, coughing, and/or gurgling noises to mask the mishap.

Laugh[edit | edit source]

Al has a very characteristic and highly entertaining laugh. Often referred to within his subscriber base as the "Monkey Laugh", it most frequently appears when situations in his playthroughs get out of hand or when ridiculous events spontaneously occur. A prime example being the death of the very first Chumpkins in which he was propelled into the sky thanks to the explosion. He attempts to contain himself but then bursts into the Monkey Laugh, seemingly unable to breathe. (Fallout New Vegas Mods: KDS Portable Camp Stuff - Part 1). Another example is during one of Al's Fallout 4 Survival Streams, where he punches a Raider Orphan in the Kidney, he dubbed as "Little Jimmy". (Fallout 4 Survival w/ Mods Stream Highlight).

The Monkey Laugh often shows up in Al's playthroughs and mod reviews in Skyrim, thanks to the cinematic (and frequently brutal) killmove system which that game incorporates. Whereas men of lesser humor would find themselves increasingly bored or disaffected by the killmoves, Al reacts to every one with a compelling mixture of horror and amusement.

Voices[edit | edit source]

During Al's videos, he has a tendency to use a variety of different voices depending on what characters he's around and who he's playing as.

  • Old man voice: His most commonly used voice; an impression of Professor Farnsworth saying "good news everyone!" often introduces his videos.
  • Feminine voice: The second most used voice is his really bad female voice impression; which can be heard in a lot in Fallout mod reviews.
  • Kermit the Frog: Al has an almost perfect impression of Kermit the Frog, seemingly to the point where it's creepy. This voice can be heard in a lot in his Saints Row the Third videos.
  • Duke Nukem voice: His Duke Nukem voice is the voice Al uses when he says one-liners.
  • "Consuela" voice: His "Consuela" voice is the one he used to talk as Mario in the Super Mario Bros. video. Consuela comes from the television show Family Guy, where she is the maid. 
  • Irish/Scottish voice: This voice is used on occasion when he's in combat. It can be heard many times in the After School Special mod review. Or in his New Vegas Modded Playthrough when Arcade Gannon shouts "Here we go." in combat.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger voice: He is known for doing this impression for long periods of time in his videos, mostly making random Schwarzenegger sounding noises that can't be understood, and cheesy one liners.
  • Subscriber/Viewer Voice: He uses this voice to express the point of view of a viewer of his video. This voice can be heard in most videos. e.g. = "So I was watching this AlChestBreach video and he died like 1000 times, it was the worst thing ever... ". and ending with a very sarcastically annoyed, "UNSUBSCRIBE."
  • Fat Voice: A nasally toned voice which Al uses whenever voicing Bobby, Curt Beltpants or other overweight characters, it's unique among his voices for NPCs. The most common topic is that of cheeseburgers. This voice in particular is most likely a reference or based off of the character of Mr. Plinkett from RedLetterMedia. Al has said on occasion that he watches their content, so it's entirely likely that he based his Fat Voice off the similarly obese Plinkett.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Al's birthday is on February 8.
  • Al streams on on Fridays and Saturdays with the username realalchestbreach.
  • He claims to live on the Moon in an Earth-like dome. It is presumed he makes these claims to keep his online and real life separate.
    • Al has also jokingly claimed to work at a box factory, where he saw his coworkers die, mangled in machinery.
    • According to No Indie Sunday Due to Goat, goats are revered by Al's family. They even adopt them into the family, although it is unknown if it is either as pets or as kin.
  • A majority of Al's videos do not show his face; most of his gameplay videos do not feature a facecam (notable exceptions being Outlast and Slender: The Arrival). Although he was previously more secretive about revealing his face on the AlChestBreach channel, preferring to keep videos with his face on other channels, he has been more open about it since 2018. Some of his videos feature face warnings (such as the Oculus Rift Unboxing video), while the Test Kitchen series and the 10th Anniversary Channel Update are more recent examples of him not making any attempt to hide his face.
  • Al had an AMA on Reddit in February 2014.
  • Al has several cats that are often featured or mentioned in his update videos and in his series Cat Tales.
  • Al is part of the inactive comedy channels Billtcm (very rarely updated) and aV09s (not updated since 2013), which feature his face.
  • There are official AlChestBreach shirts and mugs for sale at Spreadshirt, managed by Steve.
  • Al is close friends with George Hlynsky, who runs Zero Period Productions. Al has cameod in several of their videos since. In 2011, Al did an interview with George and PaladinV0ci at New York Comic Con, which was one of the earliest appearances of his face on YouTube, though it was published on the Zero Period Productions channel.
  • His Facebook fan page is AlChestBreach. He also has a Steam group named Al_Chestbreach.
  • Al was affected by the Solar storm of 2012, and lived in his sister's apartment at the time. He published the Cat Tales episode "Solar Flare Warning" during the storm.
  • One of Al's signature ways to end a mod review is by saying, "See you in the future. AWAAAAAAAAAY!"
  • Al is mainly a PC gamer, though he does have an Xbox One and an Xbox Live account. However, he does not own a PlayStation, even stating, "If you added me as a friend on PlayStation Network, then umm...yeah, that's not me."
  • His original Courier's name was John Goodman and he had a Survivalist Beard instead of his iconic Doom Rider Mustache.
  • Al occasionally lends his voice to mods, including (but not limited to) XRE Rex's Shops and Darkwood Falls.
  • One of Al's frequent running gags is blowing the heads off of dead enemies, to prevent them from coming back as zombies.
  • Al's older videos sometimes featured voice cracks, which Al would respond to by joking that he had not yet hit puberty.
  • Al occasionally calls hostiles, "hussies," another word for slut or whore.
  • In Let's Draw - Tyler's Cat, Al is seen to be right handed.
  • Al first used an intro nickname in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Grenade Mods Things that go Boom - Part 1.
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