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Balls The Talking Dog Companion





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Vault 69 - Part 1


AlChestBreach (Owner)


  • Deathclaws
  • Children
  • Old Men




Temporary Companions

Balls (originally called Al's Dog) is a dog that was first seen in Al's review of the Vault 69 mod.


Balls (originally called Al's Dog) was first seen in the review of the Vault 69 mod. He appeared suddenly, so Al renamed him "Balls" and gave him the personality of a serial killer and a theme song.

Appearances Edit

In his own mod, he is first met at the playground outside of Primm. At the end of the mod review, Al is taken to Ball's secret lair, which is a location he apparently uses to murder people. He then asks Al to help him find three items: A Gnome, A Hacksaw, and God (a Knife). They go through several locations and ends up in Quarry Junction to find the bloody knife known as "God".

Balls reappears in The Three Days After Christmas, Christmas Special, after Al drops off his secret Christmas present; a mentally unstable teenager, in the dark alley where Balls resides. Upon Al leaving, Balls approaches and greets the young boy before brutally biting off his balls and tearing the rest of his body apart.

Balls appears in a simulation during Fallout New Vegas Montages: The Return of Ballarms!, in which he is a serial killer and is being hunted by the police, one of the officers being Captain Ballarms. He is left behind after Ballarms escapes the simulation.

Theme Song Lyrics Edit

It's Balls, the talking dog!
He's your favorite pal,
and he sleeps like a log?

It's Balls, the talking dog
He's got a secret
What could it be?


  • In the standalone mod, actually voiced by Al himself.
  • Al is sometimes scared of him, especially when he was shown Balls' torture chamber.
  • He is named Balls because it's the first thing he bites.
  • A Balls the Talking Dog song remix made by ACBRadio is found here.
  • A movie poster appears with Ball's face plastered on it in Fallout New Vegas Mods: Russell - Part 7. Jerry, Captain Ballarms, and Janet also have movie posters that reference them.
  • He is referenced in Fallout New Vegas Mods: King of the Ring - Part 2, with a character in the mod named Fifty Balls. He is apparently named this because it is the first thing he hits, referring to Balls.
  • Balls is mentioned in New Vegas Mods: A Boy and His Ghoul - Part 2, and Al says that his dead body is probably in Freeside.
  • Balls is mentioned again in New Vegas Mods: Pizza Boy - Part 2, with Crier Breach stating that Balls probably still hangs out in his dark alley, his favorite hangout spot, signifying that he might not be dead.
  • In New Vegas Mods: Mighty Dungeons - Part 2, a reference to Balls is featured in the Shady Motel. Deep within the dungeons hallways is a dead end, leading to a large framed portrait of Balls grinning sinisterly, a pile of entrails on the ground below it. Al cringes, hoping that the killer doesn't return.

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