Bobby Bass

"I talk about a few things: killing people, plants, dogs, and titties. If you branch beyond that, odds are I won't give a fuck."

Bobby Bass is a former contract killer and associate of Al's who is first introduced in Fallout New Vegas Mods: New Vegas Killer - Part 1


Bobby Bass is a classy southern man who worked with Al, by providing him with contracts to kill. Bobby works in a similar field to the people at "New Vegas Bounties", but his contracts are usually people who have not broken the law. He owns two dogs named Taint and Bishop who walked with him across America to the Mojave, when he was a young boy from the South. Mr. Bass says many hilarious things when speaking to Al, causing Al to laugh constantly. Bobby owned a mute slave named Josiah Peep who cleans his office, but when it is discovered that he was feeding information to the NCR, Bobby chopped off his testicles and fed them to his dogs.


After Al completed every contract that Bobby Bass had available, Bobby sent him on his way with a large sum of caps. But, claiming that he had a reputation to uphold, Al killed Bobby with several shotgun blasts to the face, then proceeded to kill off Taint, Bishop, and Bobby's Secretary. 


  • Bobby has an affinity for large "titties." He claims that they were the only things that were important to him as a boy, and, taken along with his comments about his mother, possibly allude to him having an Oedipus Complex. 
  • Bobby hates Goodsprings and claims that they have a magnetic ray that attracts people to their "shitty little town."
  • The subsonic .22 pistol is Bobby's favorite weapon.
  • Bobby hates hobos.
  • Bobby loves plants, saying that they are much more simple than people, and describes them as "life, without the drama."
  • Bobby loves his dogs, but kicks them in the testicles when they try to hump his leg. 
  • Many of the contracts Bobby gives out are cultural references, such as: Dexler (Dexter), Jorge Martin (George R.R. Martin), Jackie Freehorn (Jackie Treehorn from The Big Lebowski), and Django (Django Unchained).
  • Bobby constantly references the fact that his boss Judge Richter is a pedophile who rapes young boys.
  • Some say Bobby is the single greatest character in all of the AlChestBreach videos.
  • Al found Bobby extremely amusing, arguably more amusing than any character from any mod he has reviewed.
  • Bobby is somehow still alive in New Vegas Bounties 3, even though Al killed him.