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Chumpkins is a Tabby Cat that made his first appearance during Al's KDS Portable Camp Stuff review. 


Upon their first encounter, Al made it his goal to let Chumpkins survive the entire mod review by protecting him.

Appearances Edit

Unfortunately, although as to be expected from Al, Chumpkins didn't even make it until the end of the first part due to Al dragging him into a frag mine, causing him to die and setting off the 4 fusion bombs in his body, which caused Al to die as well. Chumpkins later returned in the second part of the video, but Chumpkins died once again, this time being killed by a Super Mutant carrying an Incinerator, which caused Al to die again.

Chumpkins appears again in Fallout New Vegas: Identity Crisis 2 - Part 5, where we find out Chumpkins barks (like a dog) instead of meowing like a cat. Al quickly comes to the assumption that Chumpkins had eaten a dog. Later in that same part, Chumpkins gets hit by a frag grenade (thrown by a Fiend) and detonates once again killing everyone, sending them flying across Spring Mt. in a rather humorous way. This is shown at 18:39. Chumpkins also makes an appearance in New Vegas Montages: The Return of Jerry McGhoulBerry where Chumpkins explodes, killing Voci after he stepped on Chumpkins.

He appeared in the Christmas special where Al sent him to kill the man who was making laser guns and supplying them to the fiends. Later he was seen in The Return of Janet being dropped from a bomber jet onto the Business Radroaches' bunker.

Chumpkins makes another appearance in Al's Happy Fourth of July video. In the video, he is put in control of the fireworks and when he is told to detonate them, he ends up blowing up half of Goodsprings with the fireworks. Chumpkins was also spawned via a Chumpkins Grenade during Fallout New Vegas: Wasteland Defense - School Time - Part 2. He was teamed up with Jerry to attack Super Mutants assaulting the base from the rear while Al and Cuddles defended the front and Janet and Steve guarded the children. Shortly after Al ran away, Chumpkins exploded; killing all of the enemies and knocking Jerry unconscious.

He was also featured in New Vegas Mods: Terrorists! where he was used by Al to take out a giant named Ka'baa Alan, who was the leader of the terrorists, which ended up not working due to the giant being way too overpowered. The giant was, in fact, so overpowered that he had to bring in an army of Chumpkins. This doesn't work either, causing Al to resort to cheats to take down the giant. This is also the first and only time Chumpkins has been duplicated, which either means he can clone himself or these were his relatives.

Chumpkins makes a final appearance in New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas. It was revealed that he was captured by the Business Radroaches and the Radios and has been in containment for quite some time. Al approaches him and asks him to explode, as it will help them escape the base and they'll all be free. Chumpkins, however, doesn't believe that it is really Al as he doesn't have a mustache and believes that he is just another Al clone. Al tries to reason with him, although it doesn't end up working. After the guards are defeated thanks to Crier Breach, Chumkins then believes it is Al and then offers to explode, although Al says it is too late for this and that he is disappointed in him. He, along with the rest of Al's captured temporary companions, help Al defeat the Business Radroaches. When Al finds his current crew, he sends his secondary crew to escape as they try to save the Mojave.


  • Chumpkins is rigged with 4 fusion bombs.
  • Chumpkins has very low health.
  • He originates from Monster Mod as an enemy cat that you can fight.
  • Chumpkins has appeared in Al's Twitter exclusives modeling a custom hat indicating high likelihood of appearing in future videos. Chumpkins New Hat Twitter Exclusive.
  • Chumpkins is the first animal Al has successfully modeled something on to.
  • Chumpkins likes to swim.
  • Chumpkins is most likely affiliated with Frumpkins, a slightly taller cat that can send people to the past.
  • Al is eventually going to get a Chumpkins vending machine so that he can get as many Chumpkins as he needs.
  • The model for the cat came from the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl. the Cat enemy was cut from the game, but can be seen in the Duty base, as a stuffed animal.
  • Al can also clone Chumpkins.
  • Al has created "Chumpkin Plops", grenade that release a Chumpkins when thrown. They first appeared in Fallout New Vegas Modded Part 126.
  • Al has forgotten his name and called him "Chubskin" more than once.
  • Even after several deaths, Chumpkins is always revived, seemingly unharmed from any previous incidents, indicating that he may be able to resurrect himself.
  • He made a special appearance in Alchestbreach - 'Ice Bucket' ALS Challenge, only showing up to explode next to Al.

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