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Clackers was a name given to a Dwemer Spider in the mod Dwemer Certified! . In the mod, Al takes a particular liking to this small construct. Clackers acts as the Steve of Skyrim, and is the companion Al turns to when obscure objects need to be found.

Origin Edit

Al was reviewing the Dwemer Certified mod and made several animunculi, one of them being Clackers who was renamed in-game in the next appearance.


The group was recently approached by a beggar, who asked to "have mercy on a pitiful old man". Straight after, the beggar faded out of reality, and the group were all tossed into the air and knocked unconscious. As Al awoke, the group was being ambushed by Heroes of Nirn.

The group fought back with all of their might, but in the midst of the battle, a dragon swooped down, and destroyed Clackers' body, leaving Al in grief. After a lengthy struggle with a group of Heroes, Al collected the remains of Clackers', and decided to keep his memory chip, saying to the corpse of the robot, "You'll be remembered, Clackers... we'll bring you back." before hauling his "fat" corpse over the side of the bridge.

Fortunately for Clackers, Al died because he was drunk at the time, and this forced a reload.

During Skyrim Mods: Ogmund's Tomb - Part 1, he, along with Kumiho, Chloe, and Steven are gathered together to form a super team for Al's final official Thursday Skyrim mod review. Although he dies during the mod review, he will likely be present if Al posts another Skyrim video. Al is followed by Clackers into a dead end, proceeds to close the iron gate behind them and begins a session of "7 minutes in Heaven with Clackers". Chloe was not invited to join. Clackers was later killed while fighting Lord Ogmund in part 3. Although Al was originally distraught over his death, he realized that they could just rebuild Clackers and soon became happy again.

In Skyrim Mods: Blood of the Nord - Part 1, Clackers was living in a Dwemer ruin for some time until he decided to go to Al's cave to inform him and Chloe about a new mod.


  • Al commonly messes up on Clackers name, calling him a variety of terms related, such as "Skitters".
  • Clackers does a neat little dance every once in a while, much to Al's amusement.
  • Clackers is mostly harmless.
  • He often finds quest related item's for Al by bringing them to him or clacking in the general direction of them, much like Steve in the Fallout reviews.
  • He is named Clackers because of the sound he makes when he walks.
  • Clackers reappears in Skyrim Mods: The Wheels of Lull - Part 1, only to be crushed to death by a minecart later in the video.
  • Clackers likes Adrienne Avenicci according to Al in Skyrim Mods - Dwemer Certified!