Fat Fuck Boone is featured in the first episode of Al's Monster Mod review. Al needed someone else to help show off this mod, and at the time, Al only had Mister Cuddlesworth, so Jerry McGhoulBerry wasn't around to help showcase the mod.


Al first went to Boone and proceeded to make him fat to demonstrate the Chunky Duncan Race mod made by Riven1978. The reason he was naked is because Al was making a montage with some fat naked people dancing but forgot to turn it off. Later he found that there were practically no clothes for him and Fat Fuck Boone except for some clothes from the Point Lookout DLC. Fat Fuck Boone was killed by Al due to misfire and then resurrected only to never be seen again after he walked away from Al, upset that he was shot to death. For the most part, Fat Fuck Boone was censored while naked, however, there are some parts where Boone can be seen (less than 1 second) without being censored.

Fat Fuck Boone makes a final appearance after years of absence in New Vegas Montages: Farewell New Vegas, having been captured by the Business Radroaches and the Radios. He is eventually freed by Al and assists him in taking down the Business Radroaches in the bunker before leaving with the rest of Al's secondary companions, heading out into the wasteland while Al promises to save the Mojave. 


  • Out of all of the companions that appear in Farewell New Vegas, Fat Fuck Boone has spent the longest amount of time off screen, having gone more than 5 years without appearing in a video.